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Yesterday, faced for a long time but not the micheal brother。

   He has to be in China for almost five years, and now looks to have the time and not the same, but they can not say to change what has happened in the end。

   I put my doubts to tell him, and he gave me the answer I am surprised。 He said: "I learn from China in the men's dressing method。

  " So I am even more puzzled, because in China, Chuande like a foreigner is very popular。 But michael brother told me that he thought the Chinese men's clothing display by the local community mental outlook of the capacity is not bad, wearing Bo Laipin more than flavor。

   And although the Chinese people now wear are not Qipao Dagua Instead suit, but China's own production of clothing no doubt more in line with China's reality, the Chinese people more like citizens of the world rather than counterfeiting Westerners。

   He said now very like to wear Chinese-made clothes, and return to Europe after friends said he seemed more in China, so he asked not good » His friends said, no, this is very nice。

   He finished listening to these, I found that his T-shirt with a clear seven wolf signs。

   Before think that the foreigners coming to China are in fact look down upon the Chinese people, even if not expressed on the surface, but after listening to michael brother remarks today, ah, some foreigners still quite lovely。